How to choose fake pee for drug test

If you are looking for fake pee for drug test then you probably have an upcoming unsupervised urine drug test. Its kinda easy to pass these tests if you do some research first.

There are so many low quality crap out there, some important rules:

  1. Do NOT buy synthetic urine or any other detox product on Amazon or Ebay
  2. DO NOT buy synthetic urine in your local head shop because they sell crap!
  3. Always have a bottle of synthetic urine at home, in case of some random drug test

So, where to buy synthetic urine?

I always shop online, because the best brand is only available online. Its called sub solution.

You can buy sub solution from testnegative, they are the owner of this great product. What makes Sub Solution the best fake pee for drug test?

  • It contains 13 chemicals
  • looks 100% like real human urine, it also have some real foam
  • contains urea and uric acid, these are the most important chemicals in fake urine
  • comes with heat activator, no need to mess with microwave!
  • comes with money back guarantee

Even if the synthetic urine is going to be sent to the lab you still didn't have to worry, sub solution will do the job. People often ask that, is there a special synthetic urine for females?

The answer is no! Female and male both can use synthetic urine because labs don't test for hormones.

All you have to do is to mix the synthetic urine powder with water, shake it well then add a little heat activator and check the temperature. if the temperature is right you will see the green sign, if its not warm enough then add a little bit more heat activator.

If for some reason you cant get Sub Solution, then you can also try Quick Fix. Its also a good reputable brand, but make sure you buy the latest version. As I know some earlier version didn't  come with uric acid and urea. I would say Quick Fix is almost as good as sob solution,but still, its just the second best synthetic urine for drug test.

Brands to avoid:

  • Urine Luck
  • UPass
  • P Sure
  • Magnum

and basically everything beside Quick Fix and Sob Solution. if you drug test is supervised you still can use fake pee, but you will need a synthetic urine belt or a whizzinator. Whizzinator is a fake penis connected to a bag full of synthetic urine. Its a great device and I heard many success stories with fake urine belt.

But, if your urine drug test is supervised, then you should consider Detox drinks and pill, but I will write more about them in the my next article. For more info on synthetic urine you can check out this site.

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